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新的VapourSynth R44 版本是不是有问题?

2018-07-24 21:35

使用BM3D什么的 预览一下就log提示缓存不足 提高了也没用 强行编码直接crash {:husky} ...

fixed crop with compatbgr32 format where top and bottom crop would be switched
fixed crash in scdetect with one frame clips, now it simply returns an error since the operation is pointless
fixed potential multithreading issues in vsscript (stuxcrystal)
the resizer will now properly apply a shift even if no actual resizing/format conversion is being done
updated to zimg v2.7.4 to fix crash that only happens on core2 quad cpus
updated visual studio runtimes in installer
updated pismo runtime
added experimental large page support and changed cache logic (sekrit-twc)
minor documentation updates

是这倒数第二搞得鬼? {:doge}

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Re: 新的VapourSynth R44 版本是不是有问题?

2018-07-29 17:34


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Re: 新的VapourSynth R44 版本是不是有问题?

2018-08-01 16:46

开启的 ... /ChangeLog

比R43内存占用要多不少 crash倒是我自己设置的问题 不过也是内存不足

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